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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmidwaymid‧way /ˌmɪdˈweɪ◂ $ ˈmɪdweɪ/ ●○○ adjective, adverb  1 MIDDLEbetween two places, and the same distance from each of them syn halfwaymidway between The city is midway between Edinburgh and London.2 MIDDLEwhen half a period of time has passed syn halfwaymidway through Leeds scored midway through the first half.
Examples from the Corpus
midway throughShepherd scored six points midway through the second half of the game.
MidwayMid‧way1 /ˈmɪdweɪ/  two small islands in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Honolulu, used as a US military base. There was an important sea and air battle there in 1942 called the Battle of Midway.MidwayMidway2  an airport in Chicago, Illinois, used mostly for flights within the US
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