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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmild-manneredˌmild-ˈmannered adjective  POLITEgentle and polite
Examples from the Corpus
mild-manneredI doubt very much a mild-mannered Captain Stubing is at the helm of that ship.They are not, it turns out, the mild-mannered fellows they were believed to be.a mild-mannered, kind manSuddenly, the mild-mannered little man didn't look green any more - he looked positively dangerous.There D'Arcy met an affable, mild-mannered man whom Roquelaure introduced simply as Hubert.But womanizing and drinking to the extent he did was not the behaviour of a mild-mannered man.Many thought the mild-mannered Mr Junejo would obediently follow Gen Zia's orders.He plays Roscoe Bigger a mild-mannered shop teacher who was a schoolyard terror, nicknamed Fang, during his formative years.Murphy, considered a mild-mannered sort, is getting tough.
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