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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmind-bogglingˈmind-ˌboggling adjective informal  IMAGINEdifficult to imagine and very big, strange, or complicated a problem of mind-boggling complexity
Examples from the Corpus
mind-bogglingIf the mammals had prevailed when the opportunity first presented then the scope for speculation becomes mind-boggling.The amount of logging being done in national forests is mind-boggling.The amount of money that some countries spend on weapons is mind-boggling.I was now faced with the administration of a problem of almost mind-boggling complexity.And when the pitcher makes a mistake and throws a fat pitch, McGwire is capable of sending it mind-boggling distances.His salary is nothing compared to the mind-boggling figures earned by some sportsmen.Couture encompasses mind-boggling mixes of fabrics and patterns, handmade laces and perfect tailoring.But probability says the mind-boggling run of accidents, injuries, bad moves and coaching turmoil can not duplicate itself next season.But the true history of the Lord Hasan - Hasan the Second, on his name be peace - was mind-boggling stuff.It's mind-boggling to think that our solar system is only one among billions.The £304m five-year football package is mind-boggling, with each club guaranteed at least £1.5m a year for five years.
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