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minimin‧i /ˈmɪni/ noun [countable]  DCCa miniskirt
Examples from the Corpus
miniPoint the foot and do 40 mini raises.The bedrooms are tastefully decorated with their own bath and shower, telephone, radio, fridge and mini bar.There are two general classes, full-size and mini.Cushion; mini purse; pin cushion; spectacle case.To this end, the mini bell was designed.He went to the window and watched the cars, beat-up minis and dusty sedans, entering and leaving the compound.
mini-mini- /mɪni, mɪnə/ prefix  SMALLvery small or short, compared with others of the same kind All the hotel’s bedrooms have a mini-bar, telephone and radio. a mini-screen TV
Examples from the Corpus
mini-a miniskirta mini-market
From Longman Business Dictionarymini-mini- /mɪni/ prefix very small, or smaller than the usual kinda minidiska minibus compare micro-
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