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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmisstepmis‧step /ˈmɪs-step/ noun [countable] American English  MISTAKEa mistake, especially one that is caused by not understanding a situation correctly A misstep here could cost millions of dollars.
Examples from the Corpus
misstepIf they made a misstep and went down, we would go with them.Of course, two chapters of bickering, missteps, finger-pointing and quarterly losses later, Amelio is being pushed out.The capitalism that now seems irresistible could, with just a few missteps, have vanished.Both have battled market softness and internal financial missteps.Make one misstep marketing creamed corn and you could end up in the loony bin.That perspective later reappeared as he witnessed what he considered the rampant missteps of modern allopathic medicine.
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