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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmissusmis‧sus, missis /ˈmɪsɪz/ noun [singular] spoken informal  1 WOMANa man’s wife, or girlfriend who lives with him How’s the missus?2 British EnglishNAME OF A PERSON used when speaking to a woman whose name you do not know Hey, missus, are these your kids?
Examples from the Corpus
missusGav's under pressure from his missus to be home earlier while Paul's wife is about to walk out.The old boy had probably lost his missus or his money or something.Matthew's missus walked out an' left him with three children.Back home, the missus is going mental and your dinner's in the dustbin.The driver then has the ticklish problem of explaining to the missus why he came home by bus.Have you seen how the king of the jungle behaves when the missus brings back a nice bit of venison?
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