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mountainousmoun‧tain‧ous /ˈmaʊntɪnəs $ ˈmaʊntənəs/ ●○○ adjective  1 DNa mountainous area has a lot of mountains the mountainous coast of Wales a mountainous region2 BIGvery large in amount or size syn massive They were struggling with mountainous debts.
Examples from the Corpus
mountainousAlthough located on the edge of the agriculturally rich Bajio region, the state is primarily mountainous and arid.The mainland of Greece is mountainous and largely infertile.It's green, mountainous and wildly scenic.Those Illyrians who did not assimilate probably moved to the less hospitable mountainous areas, but little is known of their fate.The landscape becomes gradually more mountainous as you climb through the Bohemian Forest with its stands of tall, dark pines.A small, mountainous country with a population of under three million people, it has long been free from colonial domination.Gambon, 51, is one of the few actors big enough to play the mountainous Maxwell.a mountainous region of TurkeyFog and rain is common in the mountainous regions near the border.Army helicopters could not land because of the mountainous terrain and dense jungle.The mountainous terrain could make it slow going for the ground rescue teams.Mountainous waves pounded the coast.
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