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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnauseatingnau‧se‧a‧ting /ˈnɔːzieɪtɪŋ, -si- $ ˈnɒːzi-, -ʃi-/ adjective  1 DISGUSTINGmaking you feel that you are going to vomit syn sickening the nauseating smell of rotting fishsee thesaurus at horrible2 ANGRYmaking you feel annoyed or offended syn disgusting his nauseating remarksnauseatingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
nauseatingEvery nauseating action, every violation, abuse and mutilation is meticulously rendered.She took slow breaths of the nauseating air.To imply disabled people are responsible for the under-payment of personal assistance services in these circumstances is a nauseating misrepresentation of facts.Nauseating odors wafted from the nearby sewage treatment plant.Contemporary locomotives are carved on their headstones, which also bear nauseating rhyming epitaphs of the kind so beloved by the Victorians.They also witnessed various nauseating sights including a car piled high with dead animals.It's almost nauseating to think this could be true.As well as proving to Anthea he meant business, it would put one over that nauseating Toby Latimer in no mean fashion.
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