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nightstandnight‧stand /ˈnaɪtstænd/ noun [countable] American English  DHFa small table beside a bed syn bedside table British English
Examples from the Corpus
nightstandShe found a pink princess telephone on a blond nightstand in one of the bedrooms.She placed the trio on her nightstand, on her dresser, on the windowsill.His own portion was put in the cupboard, except for the elaborately boxed cookies that he stashed in his nightstand.But just then McMurphy jumped off his bed and went to rustling through his nightstand, and I hushed.Barry had a revolver and forgot to leave it in the nightstand.The clock on the nightstand showed 5: 56.He puts his roll of clothes on the nightstand next to my bed and goes to punching at his pillow.There was a bottle of tablets sitting on the nightstand with a note from Anne. ` Two when you wake up.
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