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non-negotiableˌnon-neˈgotiable adjective  1 SCLa non-negotiable principle or belief is one that you refuse to discuss or change He emphasized that the government’s anti-nuclear position was non-negotiable.2 BFBa cheque, bond etc that is non-negotiable can only be exchanged for money by the person whose name is on it
Examples from the Corpus
non-negotiableThe price is non-negotiable.Presenting a piece of information as given suggests that it is already established and agreed and is therefore non-negotiable.Among the non-negotiable events to be expected during the decade are earthquakes.
From Longman Business Dictionarynon-negotiableˌnon-neˈgotiable adjective1FINANCEBANKINGif a financial document such as a cheque is non-negotiable, it cannot be used by the person or organization receiving it to pay a third person or organization. CROSSED CHEQUEs are non-negotiable2if someone says that a demand, condition etc is non-negotiable, they mean that they are not willing to accept other suggestions, conditions etcTo think we can compromise on raising the fuel tax is wrong; it’s non-negotiable. opposite negotiable
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