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nourishingnour‧ish‧ing /ˈnʌrɪʃɪŋ $ ˈnɜː-, ˈnʌ-/ adjective  DFNHEALTHYfood that is nourishing makes you strong and healthy syn nutritious
Examples from the Corpus
nourishingThis vitamin loss is a reason why those expensive ready-made and overcooked convenience foods are not as nourishing.A simple chicken soup is both nourishing and delicious.And you can use these more unusual varieties to cook up some tasty and nourishing dishes.Preparing good nourishing family meals was a challenge with eight mouths to feed.The pouch-lining then becomes soft and spongy and secretes a nourishing fluid which the babies absorb.How can I feed her nourishing food when she will eat nothing?The Centre is open throughout the year, to ensure that homeless people can get at least one hot, nourishing meal a day.But now the quickest and most nourishing meal is the winner.Besides, he had chosen a tasty nourishing meal which would not lie too heavily on her achingly empty stomach.For more information: Available from: Healthy Eating Eating regular nourishing meals is important to keep yourself fit and well.
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