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nourishmentnour‧ish‧ment /ˈnʌrɪʃmənt $ ˈnɜː-, ˈnʌ-/ noun [uncountable] formal  1 DFFOODthe food and other substances that people and other living things need to live, grow, and stay healthy lack of proper nourishment The soil provides nourishment for plant roots.see thesaurus at food2 something that helps a feeling, idea, or belief to grow strongeremotional/intellectual/spiritual nourishment a child starved of emotional nourishment
Examples from the Corpus
nourishmentThe program provides basic nourishment to low-income families.The best nourishment for your writing is the following blend.The foetus gets nourishment via the mother's blood supply.But the improver is into intellectual nourishment on a lavish scale.Our tuberculosis patients needed nourishment far more than we did.During pregnancy her unborn child strips her of nourishment for its own metabolic needs, so she becomes still weaker.Though by that time, he was not usually thinking of nourishment but the simple satisfaction of hunger.A growing child needs proper nourishment.Calves rely on their mother's milk to provide nourishment.The retreat gives me a kind of spiritual nourishment.They welcome me warmly, and I feast on the nourishment for which I was born and which is mine par excellence.The nourishment flows in both directions.emotional/intellectual/spiritual nourishmentBut the improver is into intellectual nourishment on a lavish scale.
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