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nuclear disarmament

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnuclear disarmamentˌnuclear disˈarmament noun [uncountable]  the process or activity of getting rid of nuclear weapons
Examples from the Corpus
nuclear disarmamentShe spoke frequently in the Debating Society in favour of progressive causes such as abortion, animal rights, state education and nuclear disarmament.He had seen total nuclear disarmament in the grasp of his President, then seen it slip away.In 1955, the year of the Geneva summit conference, there were conciliatory gestures towards nuclear disarmament on both sides.Throughout the world they are the banner bearers of the struggles for unilateral nuclear disarmament.Their new Social Democratic Party favoured multilateral disarmament as opposed to unilateral nuclear disarmament.As late as last year a narrow conference majority wanted to hold the party to unilateral nuclear disarmament.In the long term, however, assuring peace and true national security requires some type of mutual and verifiable nuclear disarmament.In a way, nuclear disarmament makes matters worse.
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