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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoddballodd‧ball /ˈɒdbɔːl $ ˈɑːdbɒːl/ noun [countable] informal  STRANGEsomeone who behaves in a strange or unusual way syn eccentricoddball adjective a rather oddball sense of humour
Examples from the Corpus
oddballSnotlings are an oddball troop type with more to recommend them than their profiles might suggest.Growing up, most of the other kids considered me an oddball.Most of my family's OK, but my brother's a bit of an oddball.So what was it about these two that made them freaks and oddballs?Its one wart, if you could call it that, is its oddball control layout.Nerds, oddballs and the tragically under-medicated.You give too much publicity to radical oddballs...She understands the oddball perspectives that some viewers have.Least of all when he is a bad-skinned, ginger-haired, balaclava-wearing oddball reeking of antiseptic.
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