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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoddlyodd‧ly /ˈɒdli $ ˈɑːdli/ ●○○ adverb  1 STRANGEin a strange or unusual way syn strangely She’s been behaving oddly this week.2 (also oddly enough)STRANGE [sentence adverb] used to say that something seems strange or surprising syn funnily enough Oddly enough, someone asked me the same question only yesterday.
Examples from the Corpus
oddlyHarriet waited until the door had closed after her and flicked the button, feeling oddly apprehensive.Feeling oddly bereft and desolate, besieged by Dolly's incessant chatter, Luce was pleased to get back to the hotel.Nearby they find two oddly contrasting souvenirs, both keys to priceless treasures.While Timman played with impressive composure, Speelman seemed oddly distracted.an oddly dressed womanOddly enough, some of the best things about the broadcast were the commercials.But Vincent and his wife, Elena, know all the right people here in town, oddly enough.She has been feeling oddly lethargic all through the drills.Without benefit of notes, visual aids, gestures or humor she spoke for ninety oddly mesmerizing minutes.He is behaving oddly, oblivious to real-world political trade-offs, at his worst rather than his best.Brenda's response was oddly reassuring.
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