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oddsodds /ɒdz $ ɑːdz/ ●●○ S3 AWL noun [plural]  1 the odds2 difficultiesPROBLEM difficulties which make a good result seem very unlikely The hospital’s director has been battling against the odds to improve patient care. The soldiers’ job was to hold on despite impossible odds.3 be at odds4 horse racing etcDGGDSH the numbers that show how much money you will win if you bet on the winner of a horse race or other competition The odds are 6–1.odds of At odds of 10–1 he bet a hundred pounds.(at) long/short odds (=high or low numbers, that show a high or low risk of losing) Everyone was surprised when Desert Zone won the race, at very long odds.lay/offer (somebody) odds British English They are laying odds of 8–1 that the Conservatives will win the next election.5 it makes no odds6 pay over the oddsCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: difficulties which make a good result seem very unlikelyadjectivesenormous/considerable/incredible oddsHe survived a night in the cold water against incredible odds.great odds (=a lot of difficulties)We must hope that, despite great odds, we can achieve a peaceful settlement.impossible/overwhelming odds (=making success seem extremely unlikely)They face impossible odds simply trying to get an education.They face overwhelming odds in their struggle to preserve the park.verbsbeat/overcome/defy the odds (=succeed despite great difficulties)The baby, born sixteen weeks too early, defied the odds and is celebrating her first birthday.battle/struggle against the odds (=work hard despite great difficulties)The Coastguard was battling against the odds to keep the oil spill from reaching the shore.phrasesagainst all odds (=despite something seeming very unlikely)Against all odds, he recovered from his illness.the odds are stacked against somebody (=there are a lot of difficulties that may prevent someone’s success)They may be able to build a life for themselves, but the odds are stacked against them.
Examples from the Corpus
oddsAgainst all odds, he believed in himself.Assad overcame great odds to become commander of the air force.We applaud this kind of person when they climb mountains, cross deserts, sail oceans and survive against incredible odds.So why not tell the bank I have a $ 2 million asset and enhance the odds of my landing that loan?If you are male, the odds are about 1 in 12 of being colourblind.The odds, in the short term anyway, favoured them.The odds against being killed in a plane crash are very high.The odds in favour of a win for the Russian team are around 10 to 1.The odds against such a coincidence are unimaginably great but they are not incalculably great.The odds against them were overwhelming.The odds of being infected from a contaminated needle are 1 in 300, Gerberding said.lay/offer (somebody) oddsDigges argued that the Watch was way off, as was the island, and offered to lay odds on the bet.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoddsodds /ɒdzɑːdz/ noun [plural]1the odds how likely it is that something will happenThe odds of us achieving our sales targets are very poor.The odds are (=it is likely that) selling will continue.2difficulties that make a good result seem very unlikelyThe small company overcame enormous odds to become a success.Successful entrepreneurs have a will to succeed against all odds (=even when there are great difficulties).3be at odds (with somebody) if two people or groups are at odds, they disagree about something or they often disagree about thingsThe head cook and head porter are constantly at odds.4be at odds (with something) if two statements, descriptions, actions etc are at odds with each other, they are different although they should be the sameSometimes trade union negotiators set targets which are at odds with the targets set by management.5pay/charge over the odds British EnglishCOMMERCE informal to pay or charge a higher price than is usual or reasonableAre supermarket customers paying over the odds for fruit and vegetables?
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