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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-peakˌoff-ˈpeak adjective especially British English  1 BUSY PLACEoff-peak hours or periods are times that are less busy because fewer people want to do or use something opp peak Telephone charges are lower during off-peak periods.2 BUSY PLACEoff-peak travel, electricity etc is cheaper because it is done or used at less busy times opp peakoff-peak adverb
Examples from the Corpus
off-peakPublic opinion sometimes erroneously accuses the partly empty, off-peak buses of being run inefficiently.It's not expensive if you couple it to an off-peak Economy Seven meter.Check whether an off-peak electric storage heater or a gas fire might be better choice.Consumers can benefit because the heaters then use more of the cheaper off-peak electricity, and less of the expensive kind.Work on the highway will be done only during off-peak hours.During the summer off-peak months a proportion of gas is fed into storage units above and below ground.Take advantage of off-peak reductions for package holidays.Peak-hour trams will run every six minutes, with off-peak services every 12 minutes.Many do not take full advantage of the various daytime, night and off-peak tariffs on offer from their electricity company.At off-peak times senior citizens can use the sports centre at reduced rates.Youngsters and the unemployed will be given 250 hours of free community use at off-peak times.off-peak periodsIn particular, fare increases appear to lead to high losses of passengers, particularly at off-peak periods.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoff-peakˌoff-ˈpeak adjective [only before a noun]1TRAVELoff-peak travel, electricity etc is cheaper than normal because fewer people are travelling, using electricity etc at that timediscounts on off-peak travel2COMMERCEoff-peak hours or periods are the times when fewer people want to do or use something, and when it is usually cheaperTelephone charges are lower during off-peak periods. compare peak2off-peak adverbIt is much cheaper to travel off-peak.
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