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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishonwardon‧ward /ˈɒnwəd $ ˈɑːnwərd, ˈɒːn-/ adjective [only before noun]  TTFORWARDmoving forward or continuing The company offers flights to Amsterdam with onward travel to The Hague. the onward march of science
Examples from the Corpus
onwardHer thoughts were so jumbled that they could only drive her onward.At the time, GeoRef covered the period from 1969 onward, and GeoArchive from 1974 onward.Given his rate of drift, within ten or fifteen minutes the home-base would pass onward beneath him.the onward march of scientific progressHis life has a sense of purposive onward movement.There was great discussion about the onward route.The parquet is responsible for the onward transmission of the documents via central government agencies.tickets for onward travelFrom the age of six onward, Vologsky had been able to apply almost total recall to figures of any sort.onward marchIf the onward march of globalisation can not be halted, the case for a more effective regional policy has become unassailable.It's as if he has been holding up the onward march of history, and history can not wait.For more than a century factory acts and ever shorter working hours marked the onward march of industrial progress.Practical gardening Organic gardening continues its onward march through our bookcases.
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