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out of doors

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishout of doorsout of doorsDLOOUT/OUTSIDEoutside syn outdoors I prefer working out of doors. door
Examples from the Corpus
out of doorsIt can provide a place to play with toys and games and swings and slides, both in and out of doors.They went without a flashlight, as the Managuans do if they are out of doors when the lights go out.More and more people have come out of doors.For everyone else out of doors it was an ordinary afternoon in la perla de la septentrion.After all, animals lived out of doors naturally.Then out of doors went the parade, and through gate after gate again.New energy and resolve erupted from the simple act of moving their tiny toys out of doors!They fed him, covered him when he was out of doors and kept him warm when he was within.
out of doorsˌout of ˈdoors adverb  OUT/OUTSIDEoutside, not in a building syn outdoors opp indoors The kids spent all their time out of doors.
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