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parishionerpa‧rish‧ion‧er /pəˈrɪʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  RRCsomeone who lives in a parish, especially someone who regularly goes to a Christian church there
Examples from the Corpus
parishionerFor eight years, beginning in 1987, I was a parishioner at Holy Trinity.Moral involvement designates a high intensity of positive involvement - the loyal party member or church parishioner, for example.To date parishioners have been extremely generous in their giving and the scheme has proved a great success.It had always been his way to provide his parishioners with opportunities to challenge themselves.St Aldates hundred or so parishioners already contribute around two hundred pounds a week towards church funds.Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners this target was achieved.Within a few years, Father Campbell had guided more than twenty parishioners through the long, meditative process.
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