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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeaceablepeace‧a‧ble /ˈpiːsəbəl/ adjective literary  1 AGREEsomeone who is peaceable does not like fighting or arguingpacifist opp violent, aggressive He’s always been a very peaceable man.2 CALMa peaceable situation or way of doing something is calm, without any violence or fighting We are now hoping for a peaceable end to this dispute.peaceably adverb The two communities live together quite peaceably.
Examples from the Corpus
peaceableA peaceable and orderly crowd staged a protest outside city hall.Nor is there any question in this case that their behavior is peaceable and orderly.Until the 1970s primatologists were busy confirming our prejudices about peaceable apes living in nonviolent societies.They were peaceable, but none the less enforced clearances.The Fermanagh Armstrongs seemed peaceable enough.a peaceable kingdomSo I led a peaceable life, isolated from the intermittent scientific squabbles over who had first rights to which animals.An eagle looking down from above implies a threat whereas a heron flying from A to B suggests a more peaceable purpose.
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