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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacekeepingpeace‧keep‧ing /ˈpiːsˌkiːpɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]   peacekeeping force/troops etcpeacekeeper noun [countable] a group of UN peacekeepers
Examples from the Corpus
peacekeepingThe world needs it, for peacekeeping duties as much as for diplomatic and economic ones.A large peacekeeping force is now being assembled, ready to move at 48 hours' notice.There is no doubt at all that without the peacekeeping force the war would have been worse than it was.The United Nations has installed a peacekeeping force to maintain order until the elections in May 1993.They signed a protocol on interim measures to establish peacekeeping forces and military observers.If armed peacekeeping forces are needed at all, they are needed because they can fight.They are being held hostage with three other peacekeeping officials after being accused of spying for the Phnom Penh Government.Had a few thousand peacekeeping troops been sent there as a sign of outside concern, that war just might have been avoided.
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