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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeacetimepeace‧time /ˈpiːstaɪm/ noun [uncountable]  PEACE/NO WARa period of time when a country is not fighting a war opp wartimein peacetime the highest military award given in peacetime
Examples from the Corpus
peacetimeA country's army may be quite small during peacetime.Outside, there was an atmosphere at times more closely resembling a carnival midway than the greatest peacetime sporting event.Greenan said the technology also has peacetime uses.They also were achieved in peacetime in the same systems, old and new, years before the Gulf War loomed.They could not roam the range in peacetime without upsetting the locals.By approving Bevin's statement the conference committed itself to accepting National Service in peacetime for the first time ever.I suppose one can't blame the regular officer trained in peacetime for being orthodox and cautious.In peacetime, the Hercules aircraft has been used for distributing food to famine areas.In peacetime, the business became legitimate and was fueled by a consumer boom.The talks were aimed at establishing normal peacetime relations between the two countries.
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