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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeachypeach‧y /ˈpiːtʃi/ adjective  1 tasting or looking like a peach a delicious peachy flavour2 American English informal very good or pleasant
Examples from the Corpus
peachyEverything here's just peachy.The spacious lounge with its well-stocked bar is furnished in soft peachy colours and attractive cane-backed chairs.And then she'd found herself confronted with this fabulous coastline, floodlit silver and peachy gold in the dusk.These cotton yellows, peachy pinks and baby blues transport us, delighted, to the land of Tupperware.If you like to wear gold jewellery, go for lighter, peachy pinks.It was delightfully obvious that she had nothing on under her dress but her pale peachy skin.And I envied his smooth, hairless chest, with its peachy tan.So out go the insipid beiges and in come the sizzling hot pinks, peachy whites and fluorescent fuchsias.
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