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peer group

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeer groupˈpeer group noun [countable]  EQUALa group of people, especially people who are the same age, social class etc as yourself the TV shows that are popular with his peer group
Examples from the Corpus
peer groupAs children reach adolescence, peer groups become a more significant influence.Her peer group was struggling with the male menopause, of course, but the sting of rejection had been no less sharp.Cosmopolitans were defined as showing higher levels of commitment to specialized skills and professional peer group judgement than to the employing organization.Anything that deviates from what is customary is going to raise questions among the peer group.Williamson argues that, compared to simple hierarchy, the peer group is inefficient in both making and implementing decisions.For example, post-puberty is the time when peer group friendships may take over from parents as the major influence.
From Longman Business Dictionarypeer groupˈpeer group1a group of companies or products that can be compared because they are similar in a number of waysThe stock isn’t significantly more expensive than others in its peer group.2a group of people who influence each other because they are the same age, have the same job, social position etcTrainees can discuss the job with their peer group at an induction day.Peer group pressure (=the influence that people like you have on you) is effective when selling ideas. group
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