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phrasingphras‧ing /ˈfreɪzɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  1 SAYthe way that something is said I don’t remember her exact phrasing.2 APMa way of playing music, reading poetry etc that separates the notes, words, or lines into phrases
Examples from the Corpus
phrasingthe careful phrasing of the reportSinatra's classic phrasingGood phrasing is all important: it has to set and keep the dancers going.A great deal of faulty question phrasing stems from survey workers being over-involved in their own ideas.Although some modern dancers do without music in the accepted sense of that term, they rarely do without rhythmic phrasing.Recognizing Shakespeare, the volunteer launched into a typically amateur rendition: false voice, stilted phrasing, etc.The Court of Appeal found that there had been a breach but the phrasing of the judgment is none the less restrictive.The phrasing is ambiguous, perhaps deliberately so, but suggests that for the moment only surveillance was intended.The phrasing may be very individual but he will lift it and project it.The unfortunate phrasing of his sentence hardly made things sound any better.
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