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physicistphys‧i‧cist /ˈfɪzɪsɪst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  HPa scientist who has special knowledge and training in physics
Examples from the Corpus
physicistWhen Kurt had finished his training as a physicist, there had been sixteen other graduates on his course.Shevek is a brilliant physicist working on a Theory of Simultaneity.You and your fellow physicists should look out from your ivory towers from time to time.Most physicists would claim that the fundamental laws operative at the scale of a human brain are indeed all perfectly well known.The 33-year-old physicist lashed his camera to an ice-pick and took the photo by setting the timer.If basic math stumps you, there might not be a future for you as a particle physicist.Undoubtedly, the human interest story of how I have managed to be a theoretical physicist despite my disability has helped.
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