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playtimeplay‧time /ˈpleɪtaɪm/ noun [uncountable]  1 a period of time during which a child can play Don’t let TV take up too much of your child’s playtime.2 SE British EnglishPLAY A GAME OR SPORT a period of time at a school when children can go outside and play syn recess American English
Examples from the Corpus
playtimeWe go round in this sort of threesome at playtime.At playtime she opened the tin and let the cockroach fly into my blouse.They chant their tables before playtime with tops, skipping ropes and hoops.Even playtime breaks and lunch time seemed to be lost in a day of intense and purposeful activity.The Class runs for an hour and it is playtime for the 24 children.He loved Berlin with its light professional demands and its multitude of playtime delights.Missing some playtime was punishment enough for the hitting.There appears to be no syllabus, no timetable, no formal division of work into school subjects, no specific playtimes.
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