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price tagˈprice tag noun [countable]  1 BBTCOSTa piece of paper with a price on it that is attached to something in a shop2 COSTthe amount that something costs It’s difficult to put a price tag on such a project (=say how much it costs).
Examples from the Corpus
price tagA top-range Rover 420Gsi 16v will have £1,082 knocked off its £15,202 price tag.The kid is dynamite and a new five-year deal and a £7million price tag only serve to underline the fact.A cashier saw only a £4.99 price tag when the accused presented a pair of shoes.A diagnostic colon test, which costs the average beneficiary $ 164, would carry a price tag of $ 79.Yesterday Woods did not live up to the $ 2.25 million price tag needed to lure him to the Middle East.What is the price tag for keeping decent, nonviolent people from having to commit the very act that Davis committed?The price tag would be an absurd $ 10 billion.put ... price tag onWho can put a price tag on the employees who have given up?They stole my favorite jewelry, and you can't really put a price tag on things like that.Fox and hockey officials refused to put a price tag on a regulation puck stuffed with computer chips.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprice tagˈprice tag noun [countable]1a small ticket showing the price of somethingThere’s no price tag on this printer.2used to talk about the price of something, especially when this is very higha project that could have a price tag in excess of $100 millionThe governmentput a price tag of (=said the price would be) more than £2 billion on the shares it is privatizing in National Power PLC.
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