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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpriceypric‧ey, pricy /ˈpraɪsi/ adjective  informalEXPENSIVE expensive The clothes are beautiful but very pricey.see thesaurus at expensive
Examples from the Corpus
priceyLet's not eat here - it's too pricey.Where to Stay Hotels are excellent but pricey.The food's great, but it's a little pricey.Fallow deer, he says, are less pricey - a buck will fetch around £4-500, a doe about £80-90.The tickets were kind of pricey, but the show was good.Software written to ToolChest will be able to bypass pricey compliance testing on all the various Sparc boxes.It used to be that Quattro was a pricey model, not just a reasonably priced option.Unlike its pricey neighbors, Vail and Aspen, Glenwood Springs is mostly undiscovered by the hordes.I called over the smart and snooty shop assistant to ask why such a pricey outfit sported such ` crinkles'.Owners of a Tempe foundry never worried about thieves stealing the pricey sculptures in their art garden.Nearby, DayStar Digital was selling its pricier, super-performance Mac clones for high-end publishing and editing.
From Longman Business Dictionarypriceypric‧ey /ˈpraɪsi/ (also pricy) adjective informal expensiveSkiing is a pricey sport.Some money managers think that stocks are getting too pricey.
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