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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpricingpric‧ing /ˈpraɪsɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  the act of deciding the price of something that you sell a competitive pricing policy
Examples from the Corpus
pricingThese include exchange rates, agricultural pricing, and attitudes to the local and international private sector.There are at least three important possibilities: cost-based pricing, valued-based pricing and price discrimination.Short-run marginal cost pricing equates immediate marginal costs and marginal benefits.With the similar sized LoProfile selling at about £20 less I don't think this product justifies its pricing.The first point is that Ramsey pricing has advantages both in terms of static efficiency and also arguably in terms of equity over cost-based pricing.The Green Paper is likely to take a comprehensive look at the subject including both road pricing and road tolls.But it appears that pricing is not the only problem affecting investors in the Dumenil group.The logic of global production is again operating, but through transfer pricing and the use of captive suppliers.pricing policyThe effect of exchange rate policy has been reinforced by agricultural pricing policy.They included interstate investment institutions, banking mechanisms and pricing policy.Another pricing policy is the offering of specials.I asked him to explain his pricing policy.The high volume of sales makes the low pricing policy profitable.The memory of this episode had an impact on government - industry relations and on the future development of pricing policy.The pricing policy features discounts and special offers and these benefits also apply to mail order catalogues.
From Longman Business Dictionarypricingpric‧ing /ˈpraɪsɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]1COMMERCE the prices of a company’s products or services in relation to each other and in relation to those of their competitors, and the activity of setting themAggressive pricing (=cheaper prices than its competitors’) helped increase the airline’s passenger traffic by 10% for the year.Weak demand for chemical products has led to competitive pricing and poor sales margins.the gas industry’s new pricing agreement (=arrangement between sellers and buyers)The drug company’s pricing policies have been the subject of inquiries by a federal grand jury.Apple’s new, sharply lower pricing strategy fueled an enormous increase in unit sales.Pontiac plans to launch a revised ad campaign and pricing structure (=prices in relation to each other) for next year’s models. common pricing discount pricing penetration pricing predatory pricing2when competitors illegally agree to charge the same price for something SYN PRICE-FIXING