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realmrealm /relm/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 AREA OF KNOWLEDGE, DUTIES, STUDY ETC written a general area of knowledge, activity, or thought the spiritual realmrealm of an idea that belongs in the realm of science fiction2 within the realms of possibility3 literaryPG a country ruled by a king or queen
Examples from the Corpus
realmIt is true that mathematical laws, if they exist, must exist in a quasi-Platonic realm of pure thought.One possible source of change lies in the political realm.Family stories reach into even more private realms of experience to warn and instruct, however subliminally.But they do not exist in some half-real realm, neither fully actual nor merely possible.The fourth and final section takes leave of society to look at the realm of theory.new discoveries in the realm of scienceWord processing on the Macintosh has always bordered on the realm of page makeup and recent announcements here only serve that view.Feminism exists outside the realm of political instrumentality, as an idea.realm ofnew discoveries in the realm of science
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