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reddishred‧dish /ˈredɪʃ/ adjective  CCslightly red reddish-brown lipstick
Examples from the Corpus
reddishHe was tail and lanky and had a long reddish brown beard and lectured in a voice that was basso and happy.But within that reddish brown icing on the white cake, you can see the neurons arranged into a half-dozen layers.Her bosom was high and she had reddish cheeks.The reddish colour of the disk is caused by dust and the whitish region in the centre is the bulge.He was a handsome young guy with a head of well-oiled reddish hair.Instead, much of the land was of poorer quality, with a reddish hue.In winter like a straight-billed Whimbrel, in summer reddish plumage precludes confusion.That faint reddish tinge in his fair hair - did you notice that?
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