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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepetitivere‧pet‧i‧tive /rɪˈpetətɪv/ adjective  BORINGdone many times in the same way, and boringrepetitive work/tasks/jobs repetitive tasks like washing and ironing The song was dreary and repetitive.repetitively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
repetitiveA lot of the work we have to do is repetitive.Yet perhaps the most frustrating incompetence of all is that which is repetitive.As children we suffered through schoolwork that was dull and repetitive.He has some good ideas, but his lectures can get a little repetitive.A total of eight calls were made that day and although a routine became evident, it was never repetitive.In the culture of the copy, he has written the perfect book: original and repetitive at once.This idea of a perpetually repetitive pattern of events inspired a sense of security from the menace of change and decay.But we believe that under the less than optimal circumstances of reality, repetitive reorganizing does far more damage than good.I think the same process occurs in the repetitive rhythm of slow long-distance running.Clonic refers to repetitive rhythmical involuntary muscle contractions.These repetitive simultaneous pressure waves usually occurred together with the lower oesophageal sphincter component of the migrating motor complex.repetitive work/tasks/jobsComputers are now being brought into this profession to perform repetitive tasks.It removes the need for G-cramps and battens for many tasks, and speeds up repetitive jobs.Taylor believed in the division of labour since tasks could be broken down into simple repetitive jobs.The same knowledge can of course help design robots to replace the human in certain skilled but repetitive tasks.These costs were attributed to job dissatisfaction caused by boring, repetitive work.They were seen as mindless individuals who could take on repetitive tasks.Elimination of tedious repetitive work such as casting and balancing. 5.Such jobs will be eliminated just as manual, repetitive jobs were replaced by automation in the 1980s.
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