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repetitive strain injury

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repetitive strain injuryreˌpetitive ˈstrain ˌinjury noun [uncountable]  medicalMI (abbreviation RSI) pains in your hands, arms etc caused by doing the same hand movements many times, especially by using a computer keyboard or mousecarpal tunnel syndrome
Examples from the Corpus
repetitive strain injuryOffice workers can suffer from work-related ill-health such as repetitive strain injury.Can children get repetitive strain injury from playing too much Super-Nintendo?
From Longman Business Dictionaryrepetitive strain injuryreˌpetitive ˈstrain ˌinjury abbreviation RSI pains in your hands, arms, etc caused by doing the same hand movements many times and sometimes experienced by people who work at computersThe company sells software for preventing repetitive strain injuries by prompting users to take breaks at regular intervals. injury
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