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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresidenceres‧i‧dence /ˈrezɪdəns/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable] formal a house, especially a large or official one the ambassador’s official residencesee thesaurus at home2 [uncountable] legal permission to live in a country for a certain period of time syn residency a residence permitpermanent/temporary residence Jeff has permanent residence in Canada, but is still a US citizen.3 [uncountable] formal the state of living in a place syn residency Rome was his main place of residence.4 artist/writer etc in residence5 take up residence6 in residence
Examples from the Corpus
residenceJoel needed a passport and a residence permit before he could move to the Bahamas.The missions were not merely churches but entire working communities, with farms, blacksmiths, flour mills and residences.One of the greatest residences that Wright designed is Hollyhock House.In one week in the 1640s Hurstmonceux had nineteen visitors in residence, apart from others engaged in repair and building works.I am meeting Enya and the Ryans somewhere near her carefully guarded Killiney residence on a silvery wet and foggy autumn day.In addition to a salary, most governors received perquisites such as transportation and an official residence.10 Downing Street is the British Prime Minister's official residence.They all went to Maeda's residence in Jakarta; he sent messages to the high command, but nobody turned up.To that end, the carpeting in virtually all the residences is a bland beige -- making the homes easier to sell.We first met at a cocktail party at the residence of the Russian ambassador.John Major leaves the residence in defeat.official residenceIn addition to a salary, most governors received perquisites such as transportation and an official residence.There was no need for an official residence for the Foreign Secretary.There he had an official residence, but he continued to run his Whitechapel nursery, with another in London Fields.He was to spend most of the next fourteen years in official residences.The administration had now returned to its official residence, and the business of government was under way.No departing presidential couple in history have ever left the official residence so bowed down with booty.permanent/temporary residenceHe remained temporarily in Paris and even considered permanent residence there.Management of construction projects overseas usually entails temporary residence in another country.Jeff has permanent residence in Canada, but as a U.S. citizen, he still has to file taxes with the IRS.Police were not interested in her marriage certificate, her permit to leave home or her temporary residence card for Zhuhai.While Edinburgh itself was growing in importance as a centre of government, the temporary residence was refashioned into a palace.Bloody Gorgeous seems to have taken up permanent residence in her bed.All those with permanent residence in the republic are to be allowed to vote in a 10 December poll.place of residenceI have changed my place of residence twice in the last two weeks in preparation for upcoming activities.Members of metalworking families were far more likely to change their place of residence than their trade.Television programs are aimed at people according to their demographic characteristics rather than their place of residence.
From Longman Business Dictionaryresidenceres‧i‧dence /ˈrezɪdəns/ noun formal1[uncountable] the fact of living in a particular placeInsurance companies use place of residence to calculate automobile insurance rates.2[uncountable] permission to live in a particular country permanentlyan application forpermanent residence3[countable] formal a house where people liveFlorida law protects personal residences against seizure in bankruptcy law. primary residence