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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishribaldrib‧ald /ˈrɪbəld/ adjective  SEX/HAVE SEX WITHribald remarks or jokes are humorous, rude, and about sex a ribald remark ribald humour
Examples from the Corpus
ribaldWhereas all else had been a matter of pleasantries, he was ribald.For the next hour we silently suffered their ribald comments and downright abuse.Two fingers hit the back of the opposite hand amidst ribald guffaws.I was impressed with this ribald inter-office banter.He got drunk; he was the sort, his ribald jokes, drinks for everyone.Some raucous laughter followed the ribald remark.This is the ribald streak I referred to.Her images of that horde of ribald workmen looked positively endearing next to this man.
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