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robedrobed /rəʊbd $ roʊbd/ adjective formal  DCCwearing long loose clothing a robed figurerobed in a man robed in black
Examples from the Corpus
robedSo Aaron and his sons must be cleansed, robed and their sins expiated by sacrifice before they may take office.Whenever she looked round the tall, robed figure was getting closer.The car was surrounded by a circle of robed figures: we seemed to be in the middle of some whirling ballet.Light streamed through a skylight and fell on the altar, where several robed monks distributed the Eucharist to the faithful.Herded by a robed priest, other techs decamped from the catwalks.The two figures in front of the small group were robed sect members.It was a photo of a robed woman with a sharp star for a halo and a torch in her upraised hand.
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