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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishround-the-clockˌround-the-ˈclock adjective [only before noun]  CONTINUOUShappening all the time, both day and night round-the-clock medical care round the clock at clock1(2)
Examples from the Corpus
round-the-clockEventually, they say, they want to create the round-the-clock convenience of the suburbs.People prefer gas for its reliability, controllability and round-the-clock economy.It is accessed by personal computer and offers a free, round-the-clock service.Just over a year later, it went to a round-the-clock service.It has been a hectic three years, operating a round-the-clock snack bar, and restaurant service for 17 hours every day.Working in prisons, with the need for round-the-clock supervision poses particular problems for women who also carry traditional domestic responsibilities.round-the-clock weather reportsDelicate little Louise, requiring round-the-clock, year-long, life-long protection.
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