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roundedround‧ed /ˈraʊndɪd/ adjective  1 CFROUNDhaving a round shape syn curved2 having a wide range of qualities that make someone or something pleasant, balanced, and complete Psychology tests found me to be thoroughly rounded in skills and attitudes. round2, well-rounded
Examples from the Corpus
roundedHer nails were perfectly rounded and painted with delicate pink nail-polish.X100's body will be rounded and sculpted, with soft, flowing lines and no hard edges or chrome highlights.Pinch one side of the dough until you have four pleats along the side and the dough is rounded and shell-like.The blocks have rounded edges that are safer for small children.Plate 4.3 shows a rounded exotic pebble in this deposit, with some men at the bottom to provide a scale.Rather than providing a rounded history of the revolution, historians with libertarian sympathies have concentrated on various specific themes in the revolution.They come in various shapes: erect, for instance, or conical, or rounded or with horizontal, spreading branches.The knife had a rounded wooden handle.