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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsadisticsa‧dis‧tic /səˈdɪstɪk/ adjective  CRUELcruel and enjoying making other people suffermasochistic He took sadistic pleasure in humiliating her. sadistic fantasiessee thesaurus at cruel, unkindsadistically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
sadisticCarter turned to her with a sadistic glint in his eye.Cardea responds, a mildly sadistic glint in his eye.The principal was a sadistic man who enjoyed tormenting his students.But, of course, she had known about the sadistic part."I'm afraid you will never see your children again, '' he said with a sadistic smile.But Peckinpah is unable to create any objectivity towards the sadistic spectacle, in the manner of, say, Akira Kurosawa.We children suffered through dull repetitive schoolwork, under the lash of sadistic teachers.In the film, Khan portrays a murderer who gets a deep sadistic thrill out of killing.sadistic pleasureHidden among its sunburst symbols was an obscure, sadistic pleasure.One sensed an almost sadistic pleasure from Braves manager Bobby Cox as he nailed down Game 2.I was terrified Voice over Nottingham Crown court heard medical evidence showed Fisher took no sadistic pleasure in violent attacks on women.
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