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saesae /ˌes eɪ ˈiː/ noun [countable] British English  TCM (stamped addressed envelope or self-addressed envelope) an envelope on which you have written your own name and address, and usually put a stamp, so that someone else can send you something syn SASE American English For further details, send an sae to the following address.
Examples from the Corpus
saeBoth are available free of charge, but please enclose an sae.For a free copy, send an sae to.If you want any further information and details of courses and individual therapy, send an sae to the Association for Stammerers.Send us your photographs with an sae for return.Simply collect two of our special vouchers and send them, with an sae, to the address below.Please enclose large sae if writing for information.Available free on receipt of sae from the Carers National Association.
From Longman Business Dictionarysaesae /ˌes eɪ ˈiː/ noun [countable] British English1stamped addressed envelope; an envelope that you put your name, address, and a stamp on, so that someone can send you something2self-addressed envelope; an envelope that you put your own name and address on
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