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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsatinysat‧in‧y /ˈsætɪni $ ˈsætni/ adjective  SHINYsmooth, shiny, and soft women in tight, satiny dresses
Examples from the Corpus
satinySpring leaves were still new and shiny and satiny.Beat in eggs one at a time, using a rotary beater, until satiny and fluffy.One contained a gorgeous silky fabric in smoky cherry pink with thin gray stripes and a satiny backing.Sure enough, her eyes could see the faint satiny gleam of his bronze skin.Travis abandoned his exploration of her satiny neck to look down into her smoky eyes.You may even have sung in a church choir, helping voices rise in spiritual exultation before trading in your satiny robe.The floor was tile, a soft red, polished to a satiny sheen.
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