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scarlet fever

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scarlet feverˌscarlet ˈfever (also scarlatina /ˌskɑːləˈtiːnə $ ˌskɑːr-/) noun [uncountable]  MIa serious infectious illness that mainly affects children, causing a sore throat and red spots on your skin
Examples from the Corpus
scarlet feverYou see, it turned out to be scarlet fever, which is a notifiable disease.Children were carried off by diphtheria, scarlet fever, and measles.And she had scarlet fever, but she never complained.The throat burns like coals of fire; the skin burns in scarlet fever and inflammations; gastritis burns.A severe bout of scarlet fever as a boy left him so deaf that he was unable to attend school.An outbreak of scarlet fever had taken the nine-year-old twins in little more than a week.He didn't have meningitis, or scarlet fever.Smallpox, tuberculosis, influenza, pneumonia, plague, scarlet fever, diarrhea.
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