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scarpscarp /skɑːp $ skɑːrp/ noun [countable]  SGa line of natural cliffs
Examples from the Corpus
scarpFault scarps and fissures scar the seafloor.The evidence is provided by a number of low scarps which wind for considerable distances across the Mercurian surface.Some short scarps and hummocks in this region probably also originate from the Caloris impact.Also, the short scarps opposite the Caloris impact could be the result of seismic waves acting on such pre-existing faults.The back garden ended at a short steep scarp falling away to a small stream crossed only by a footbridge.With the lack of grazing pressure much of the scarp slope has developed scrub and is slowly reverting to woodland.As well as the winding scarps there are also some straight scarps, usually shorter.
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