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Select Committee

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishSelect CommitteeSeˌlect Comˈmittee noun  1 a committee of the British Parliament which is responsible for looking at a particular area of government activity, such as trade, employment, or defence. Its members can try to improve laws, check the work done in government departments, and give advice to the government2 a committee in the US house of representatives whose members have special knowledge of a particular subject, such as education or technology. For a limited time they examine plans and bills (=suggested new laws) relating to their subject, and then give advice or suggest changes. compare Standing CommitteeFrom Longman Business Dictionaryselect committeeseˌlect comˈmittee an independent committee that examines and reports on different government departments and activitiesUnder British parliamentary procedure, a select committee can force witnesses to answer questions. committee
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