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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-confessedˌself-conˈfessed adjective [only before noun]  ADMITadmitting that you have a particular quality, especially one that is bad a self-confessed drug addict
Examples from the Corpus
self-confessedA self-confessed alcoholic, equally at home on stage and screen, he is starring in two top box office films.Dan Rizzo is a self-confessed cheesecake freak and has the generous proportions to prove it.The words are, of course, those of John Ruskin, self-confessed enemy of railways and all their works.The accusations were made by a self-confessed former Communist agent named Whittaker Chambers.A self-confessed killer who could, even on the brink of her own destruction, still hold us with a threat.It says such self-confessed limitations should make the department hesitate before going further.
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