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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-indulgentˌself-inˈdulgent adjective  ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingallowing yourself to have or do things that you enjoy but do not need, especially if you do this too often – used to show disapproval It feels self-indulgent spending so much on a pair of shoes.self-indulgent novel/film etc (=said when you think the book or film only expresses the author or director's own interests, which are not interesting to other people)self-indulgence noun [singular, uncountable] My one self-indulgence is good coffee.self-indulgently adverb
Examples from the Corpus
self-indulgentIt made her lazy, it made her rather self-indulgent.She was all soft and loose and self-indulgent.This requires that we give up foolish, immoral reading, or reading to acquire power, or reading that is self-indulgent.But we can not afford to be so self-indulgent and dismissive.She turned herself over in her bed, and snuggled down for an extra, self-indulgent and rare hour of sleep.For anyone else this is a self-indulgent luxury.Oh, not forgetting a stack of self-indulgent musical wanderings.Bobbi's just a spoiled and self-indulgent rich kid.Equal parts amusing and excruciating to watch, this self-indulgent sojourn in suburbia is certainly no Defending Your Life.
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