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self-serviceself-ˈservice adjective  BBTa self-service restaurant, shop etc is one in which you get things for yourself and then pay for themself-service noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
self-serviceBy 1951 Cohen had converted four stores to self-service - a revolution.There's no dining room or lounge, but guests can have a self-service breakfast for £2.50.Their findings are not recorded but in 1938 self-service carving was discontinued.Cafeteria A large cafeteria seating over 300 people and offering full self-service facilities is situated at the rear of the Manor House.a self-service gas stationThere is an àlacarte restaurant for formal dining and a good value self-service restaurant which opens for lunches each week day.The same applies where the accused gets petrol at a self-service station.In Morris the accused took goods from the shelves of a self-service supermarket.An oak tree, to a bird, must equal a fresh-food, self-service, take-away delicatessen.
From Longman Business Dictionaryself-serviceˌself-ˈservice adjective a self-service shop, restaurant etc is one in which customers get the goods themselves and then go and pay for thema self-service food concernself-service noun [uncountable]The average gas station in the US offers a generous discount for self-service.
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