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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-servingˌself-ˈserving adjective  showing that you will only do something if it will gain you an advantage – used to show disapproval self-serving politicians
Examples from the Corpus
self-servingHartley wrote the book on self-serving.Everybody outside the financially secure, self-serving and blinkered Cabinet.Since Schoenberg's day, modernism has has not been averse to self-serving diatribes.Like Pareto, Burnham argued that Marxism was the self-serving ideology of an insurgent working class elite.Curtiss draws a picture of a sensual, self-serving middle-aged woman who wields power as well as influence.A very self-serving philosophy, albeit dubious mathematics.a self-serving political maneuverThe decentralized authority A strategy of decentralization would appear to answer the critics of monolithic bureaux and self-serving power and resources maximizers.
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